Understanding Organizations

Understanding Organizations

Awesome Team Building Activities And Games That Your Team Will Really Love

Your company success depend so much in different factors including, how motivated your employees are and how good they are in working together. There are few games that your employees can participate in and in the process apart from having fun, they also get to know each other and improve their understanding towards each other and that is how they grow their team power. You will learn about some of the activities that you can plan for your employees from this article so that you promote team building between your employees. Here are some of the team building games that your employees will enjoy.

Let your employees form teams where they build a carrier to hold a raw egg and sustain it unbroken after falling a four storey building, the team that successfully build one wins the game.

Your employees can participate in an activity called the human knot, where they raise their hands high and join with another person’s hand in the group and try to untie themselves without letting go of the hands they are holding.

The tug of war is another fun activity that your employees can participate in and learn to work together as a team as they try to pull the other team to their side.

Among your employees, there are two teams that are given clues of the same puzzle, so they have to work together so that they can solve it and the faster they coordinate between their two groups their better chances of winning.

Let your employees learn how to be creative outside the office work, and let them create a movie and perform and then the best group with an awesome performance will win.

With the scavenger hunt, the groups are given a list of items to collect and clues on how to get them, so they have to do it fast and get most items before time ends, so with their teamwork, the best team will collect the most items.

A blindfolded wine serving and drinking can be a great way to help your new employees loosen up to the older staff, and in this way you improve their communication and it will be helpful back at the office.

Your employees can enjoy time together telling truths and lies about themselves, and when one tells three truths about them, the rest will try and guess the lie among them.

In the shoe scramble, the participants in the group have to search for their shoes in the pile and then wear them perfectly so that the next person of their group will take their turn, and the best group to finish wearing will win the game.

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